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Concrete RepairTips on How to Fix Road Damages

Did you notice that annoying pothole along the road? Maybe it’s because of an accident or maybe it is just plain old wear and tear. Either way, that single hole in the ground costs not just your government time and resources. That hole in the ground also costs lives. Before I get into the details, let us talk about a few facts about potholes.
Fact number one: COST

If we do not spend a dollar on a pothole right now, it’ll be 7 dollars in five years time, and that adds up exponentially. Imagine how many potholes you have in a block. In a state. In the country! The cost is not just in millions, it goes up to the trillions! So do not hesitate to get that road repaired with the help of Asphalt & Concrete Paving Contractor Upper Kirby / Rice Village. And rebuilding a road is 14 times more expensive than repairing it! Some areas have roads and streets so damaged and unrepaired that repairing it or reconstructing it is just too unaffordable. They revert it back to gravel. Not just that. The damage to cars is just almost unnoticed. People spend up to 400 dollars on average for repairs. And guess what they repair, tires, the suspension, the rims, the alignment of wheels and shock absorbers. All the damage to these parts can be reduced or even avoided if roads are maintained to a top tier condition

Fact number two: ACCIDENTS

There are still costs here but let us not talk about the dollar. Let us go to something more serious. A third of the 33,000 road accidents are caused by these minor imperfections on the road. That is around 10,000 people put to risk because of those small cracks and holes. In 2013, did you know that a great deal of our transportation infrastructures (these include roads, highways, freeways, and even routes for our planes) are considered substandard and too rough for many of our motorists? With all these damages unchecked, even the issue of traffic will now be involved. The increase of substandard roads could only lead to more and more congestion for many of the vehicles. And this affects not just personal transportation. This includes the circulation of our resources and not to mention that we have certain times to follow when delivering that truckload of vegetables and keeping that bus schedule on time.

Fact number three: PREVENTION

Road damage and repair is simple and accessible. We have dozens of road repair companies in the reach of our home and our companies. And they are more than willing than just to repair. They can offer expert advice. They can offer the materials and the equipment to get the job done. All we have to do is contact them. So who are they? Ever heard of contractors? These guys are more efficient and cheaper than their public counterparts.


Whether it is asphalt or concrete paving many of these experts are reachable. So do it! Spend that dollar to save a life. Spend it now to save more lives and more money. But most importantly spend it for the sake of saving!

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