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concrete paving in HoustonAs one of Houston’s most respected concrete paving contractors, government and corporate organizations alike use Revitalize Paving to fix a number of surface repair issues.

As leaders of the concrete paving industry, Revitalize Paving has the experience and equipment to undertake any concrete paving job, no matter the size of the project.


The benefits of Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving Contractors in HoustonConcrete paving has become in demand, as its durability doesn’t necessitate ongoing maintenance. In contrast, asphalt pavement is more susceptible to damage. Concrete paving not only eliminates pot-holes, but also provides stronger and abiding skid resistance than asphalt does. Concrete paving is considered to be safer than asphalt, as it is less slippery in wet conditions.

Concrete pavement is universally renowned as being more aesthetically pleasing than asphalt, and therefore, increases the value of a property, more so than asphalt paving can. Additionally, concrete pavement is friendlier to the environment than asphalt. Concrete is completely recyclable, and doesn’t emit any petroleum oils or odors into the atmosphere.

Many people don’t realize that concrete-paved parking lots have low surface temperatures. This is because asphalt pavements absorb sunlight, unlike concrete pavements, which reflect sunlight.

Considering all its advantages, it’s no surprise that concrete pavement is more expensive than asphalt. However, because concrete is so durable, it is actually cheaper in the long run, since you won’t be paying for repairs or maintenance to it down the road, as you would with asphalt.


Revitalize Paving’s Concrete Paving Services:

·Concrete Removal ·Concrete Paving
·Line and Marking Striping ·Golf Cart Paths
·Concrete Bollards ·Concrete Parking Lots
·Concrete Crack Repair ·Handicap Ramps
·Sports Courts ·Stabilization
·Concrete Demolition ·Concrete Breaking



Houston Concrete Paving Contractors

From striping the lines to paving a parking lot, Revitalize Paving Pros is your complete source for any concrete paving project. Contact Revitalize Paving to obtain a quote by calling us at 281 888 8226, or by filling out the form on this page.


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