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Even the most durable asphalt pavements can crack and deteriorate as the years go by. Revitalize Paving offers a wide spectrum of asphalt maintenance and repair services to our clients in Houston and surrounding area. From filling in large pot holes to small cracks, Revitalize Paving is an industry leader in repairing damaged asphalt.

Asphalt crack repair is a vital factor preserving a pavement’s condition. Maintaining the surface correctly will prolong the asphalt’s longevity, and prevent expensive repairs in the future. Repairing even the tiniest of gaps in asphalt pavement stops water from seeping into it. Failure of such prevention will result in the formation of a pot hole.

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Common Repairs on Asphalt

Damages and cracks to asphalt can be caused by a number of circumstances, such as:

  • Overly thin asphalt layer
  • Weak foundation
  • Earth movement
  • Overly thick asphalt layer
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Seasonal thaw-freeze cycle
  • Tree roots


Safeguard Your Houston Investment

Preserving your investment with regular asphalt maintenance and repairs will stop small problems from turning into bigger ones. This should be of paramount importance to anyone who owns property.

Revitalize Paving additionally provides seal coating services for further damage prevention and prolonged asphalt functionality.

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Regardless of what is causing your asphalt damage, Revitalize Paving can help solve the problem and remove any hazards from your pavement. Our asphalt crack repair services will help stop further destruction to your surface, and ultimately, your bank account.


If your parking lot (or other pavement) is showing symptoms of impact and harsh weather, Revitalize Paving can help treat it. For a quote to repair your asphalt cracks, call us at  281 888 8226, or email us via the contact form to the right.


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