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Paving your Concrete, the RIGHT way

Each property has Concrete Paving challenges, whether it be short term or long term. Rest assured, we’ve fixed them all.

From Parking lots, curbs, trails, patios, and even Handicap ADA Ramps, we are equipped to handle projects at the largest of scales.

Our process for Concrete paving is simple.

  1. We’ll assess the kind of traffic your concrete will be getting and recommend the correct PSI and Re-bar count, thus, giving you a long lasting concrete project.
  2. We prepare and ensure that your concrete’s subgrade is level and compacted to provide support for the concrete being laid out. By doing this correctly, we’re able to ensure an even slab thickness, and prevent structural cracking and slab settlement.
  3. We’ll create proper joints for the concrete, to keep the concrete from cracking in random patterns.
  4. We’ll place the rebar in the allocated area
  5. We’ll pour our concrete
  6. We’ll brush finish to your delight.

We ask that you allow the area to cure for 2-3 days, depending on the weather and traffic factors.

Why Revitalize for my Concrete Paving Needs in Houston?

Here at Revitalize, we offer free estimates for on-site assessments for your capital expenditure projects and routine maintenance. We’ll work diligently to discover your needs, and provide an accurate and fair quote within a quick turn around time. 

Whether it be day or night, Our services in Houston can be scheduled at anytime. We aim to minimize interruptions to your operations and we are proficient at making your project seamless. Our team of seasoned veterans are equipped with highway rated state of the art equipment and are highly trained to ensure the highest quality of workmanship for our clientele.

From pouring a parking lot, right up to striping the lines, your go-to paving contractor Revitalize, will be there for all of your concrete paving necessities. Make us your option for your next Houston concrete project. For a free estimate, please fill out a form or give us a call at 281-888-8226.

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