Asphalt Overlay Houston

Asphalt Overlay image 2An asphalt overlay involves the addition of a new layer of asphalt over the top of existing concrete or asphalt pavement. Revitalize Paving is one of the most experienced and trusted asphalt overlay contractors in Houston and surrounding area, and offers a wide assortment of paving and asphalt overlay services to clients.


An overlay can be an effective and economical method to spruce up pavements that are in acceptable condition. Overlays are far cheaper than adding all-new paving, and the project is generally finished much faster. However, the underlying pavement condition must be thoroughly examined prior to commencement of any asphalt overlay work.


Overlaying Asphalt Correctly

Overlays might not be the best choice for pavement surfaces that have endured considerable crumbling or cracking issues. Correct installation of an asphalt overlay is crucial, and must only be applied in circumstances where the overlay will perform effectively for a long duration.

Asphalt Overlay image 1Sadly, some paving contractors don’t install overlays properly, resulting in premature failure and poor performance of asphalt surfaces.

Asphalt overlays are a smart alternative for property managers and businesses owners who want to give their properties a makeover. Such actions will enhance their curb appeal, as well as improve the functionality and safety of their parking lots (or other pavement surfaces).

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